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Things to Do in Downeast Maine

When you stay at Pilgrim’s Inn, the rest of Downeast Maine is at your fingertips.

Some Annual Local Events/Highlights:

Be sure to browse our Blogs, for more detailed info on places to go and things to do. We keep the blogs current with fresh suggestions for galleries, shopping, restaurants and all things nature, on Deer Isle.

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Things to Do in Deer Isle

There are so many things to do in Deer Isle and Stonington that you don’t even need to leave the island during your stay at Pilgrim’s Inn! Our bed and breakfast is located right on Main Street in Deer Isle Village, meaning it is close to anything you want to do in the area. Whether you’re looking for adventure, to explore, or indulge in a meal, we have it all.


Shop on Main Street

Check these out during your stay:

  • Local jams and art at Nervous Nellie’s
  • A unique nautical memento at Marlinespike Chandlery
  • Our favorite shops in Deer Isle

Explore the Area

There are so many opportunities to explore Deer Isle during your stay at Pilgrim’s Inn! Hikes in Deer Isle will take you through Maine’s classic rocky coast, towering pines, and mossy forest floors. You can also take a drive through the area to see amazing sights!

  • See lighthouses on the Deer Isle Lighthouse Trail
  • Explore the Barred Island Preserve
  • Hike through the Edgar M Tennis Preserve

Indulge in Art

There’s art everywhere in Deer Isle! Our gorgeous area has inspired many. Many artists gather here to create their work; you can even stimulate your own creativity here and take a class!

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Things to Do in Stonington, ME

When you stay at Pilgrim’s Inn, you’ll probably make your way to our neighboring town of Stonington. This quaint town has gorgeous views of the working harbor along with many activities you can fill your day with. Our Deer Isle bed and breakfast is just 10 minutes away, so you can easily experience all the fun things to do in Stonington, ME!


Indulge in Local Cuisine

Did you know that Stonington and Deer Isle lead the state in pounds and dollar value of lobster landings, with a fleet of over 300 lobster boats? Come experience some of the freshest seafood around when you visit a restaurant here! Indulging in local cuisine is a great break from all the other things to do in Stonington, ME.

Adventure Awaits in Stonington

Like Deer Isle and the rest of Downeast Maine, there is ample opportunity for adventure here. If you are looking for a hike, you will love the Crockett Cove Woods Preserve. It is known as the “fog forest” because towering trees trap the fog brought in from the ocean’s southwest winds, creating one of coastal Maine’s classic characteristics of lingering mist. If you would rather get out on the water, go kayaking with Old Quarry Ocean Adventures!

Catch a Show

Art is included in things to do in Stonington, ME, too! During your stay at Pilgrim’s Inn, you can check to see what is playing at the Stonington Opera House. This creative venue is housed in a historic building in downtown Stonington. It not only offers cultural events but serves as an important community resource through its community and education programs!

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The Best Things to Do in Downeast Maine

In Downeast Maine, there are many activities for you to enjoy, including hiking, the arts, local wine and brews, Acadia National Park, and Isle au Haut.


Go on a Hike

Downeast Maine is perfect for adventurers! Hiking is plentiful here in Deer Isle, but there are even more places waiting to be explored throughout the rest of the area. Hiking trails and nature preserves offer visitors a glimpse of stunning landscapes and local wildlife. If you are looking for outdoor activities in Downeast Maine, you will love these spots:

  • Hiking on Blue Hill Heritage Trust trails
  • Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park

Experience the Arts

Art blossoms here in Downeast Maine. The gorgeous scenery, fresh air, and quiet atmosphere have inspired many. Whether you’re looking to be inspired by fine art or local talent in a play, Downeast Maine has something for you! Here are a few of our favorites:

Enjoy Local Wines and Brews

Get a true taste of Downeast Maine when you try some local wines and brews! Take a break from your adventures and relax with a drink in your hand. Many of these options use only local ingredients to create fresh and unique refreshments each batch!

Venture to Acadia National Park & Isle au Haut

When you stay at Pilgrim’s Inn, you’ll have tons of day trips right at your fingertips. A visit to Downeast Maine would not be complete without a trip to Acadia National Park. Located approximately a 75-minute drive from Pilgrim’s Inn, the park encompasses 47,000 acres of coastal shoreline, granite-topped mountains, wooded areas, bogs, and spectacular scenery. Go explore one of the other towns in Downeast Maine!

  • Spend the day on Mount Desert Island where Acadia National Park is found
  • Take a day trip to the Schoodic Peninsula
  • Hop on the Mail Boat from Stonington to Isle au Haut
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Deer Isle Businesses We Love

One of the many things we love about the Deer Isle, Stonington, and Blue Hill area is the community that ties everyone together. This community encompasses not just citizens, but local businesses as well.

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Local Restaurants

Besides eating at the Whale’s Rib Tavern here at the Pilgrim’s Inn, Deer Isle and Blue Hill offer great dining options! From seaside shacks to fine dining, we’ve got it all. Please check the websites for current info on days and hours of operation, menus, etc. Reservations are suggested. Here are a few of our favorites:

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