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Purple lupines in tall green grasses with pond in background

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See a Spectacular Display of Lupines on Deer Isle

As spring melts into the glory days of summer, the beautiful lupines begin to appear on Deer Isle in an array of purple majesty. The lupine is an exquisite flower that can be found on the East Coast from Florida to Maine and as far west as Minnesota. Fields of purple, lavender, pink, and white blossoms can be found throughout Deer Isle. These tall blooms usually appear for a few weeks, from June into July. The colorful display speckles the landscape with these unique blooms. The lupine blossoms are the subject of many photographs. They make a great Instagram moments.  Artists flock to Deer Isle during this time of year to capture the cascading hills of purple with brush and stroke.

The lupines you see all over Maine today are not the native plants that once appeared here. Today’s lupines are Lupinus polyphyllus, Bigleaf Lupine. It has become rare to see the native species, although it does still exist. Bigleaf Lupine spreads by seed, some say too much. But they are a beauty to behold on their tall stalks, rising up above the surrounding grasses of a hillside, to provide a bit of Dr. Seuss-style whimsy.

Take in the flowers by land or sea while experiencing the Maine coast. Take a meander around Deer Isle by car, you will see lupines along the roadside and in private yards. Feel free to take photos, but please be respectful of private property. One of the best displays on Deer Isle is near the Opera House in Stonington. Hire a guide and paddle a kayak along Deer Isle’s many coves to view the colorful spectacle from the water. As a guest of Pilgrim’s Inn, you can wander the grounds exploring the blossoms throughout the hillside and Mill Pond’s shore.

Stay at Pilgrim’s Inn to Enjoy Fresh Air and Open Spaces! 

Our bed and breakfast in the heart of Deer Isle is the perfect place to stay during lupine season. Pilgrim’s Inn is located on Main Street and surrounded by nature, from our backyard gardens to the peaceful Mill Pond. The water, woods and wildflowers coalesce in a beautiful cohesion of rich color. Book a stay in Rugosa Rose Cottage for uninterrupted views of the pond.  Across the street from Pilgrim’s Inn, the Northwest Harbor stretches on, don’t miss a sunset here, during your stay. Come explore nature and discover a refreshing inner peace during lupine season on Deer Isle. We look forward to welcoming you!

Relax. Explore. Restore.

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