So what do you do in the off season….?

Many of our guests at Pilgrim’s Inn ask what we do during the months that the inn is closed.  Since we work double time during our season, we welcome the chance to experience the many outdoor activities that Maine offers, even in winter.  Rather than heading south to warmer climates, we spend the majority of our time on the ski slopes of Western Maine at Sunday River.

Our passion is fueled by the opportunity to work with disabled children, adults and veterans through the Maine Handicapped Ski Program.  As an amputee, Tony started as a participant in this program several years ago. He now works as a volunteer, as well as a coach to the adaptive race team, working with racers of all ages, including some Paralympic hopefuls. Tina assists with fundraising and helps out wherever she can, while continuing the marketing, reservation and other business activities that continue for the inn year-round.

This year is the 25th anniversary of this only free adaptive ski program in the country, and we are working on being the top fundraising team for the annual Ski-a-thon, which raises the majority of operating revenue for the year. If you would like to contribute to this fundraising event please go to Tony’s Fundraising Page, or to learn more about this remarkable program please visit Maine Handicapped Skiing.

This winter we also had the opportunity, along with Bar Manager, Hank Jost and Innkeeper, Susan Huot to visit the Hotel de Glace (Ice Hotel) in Quebec. It was truly magical to experience and sleep in a hotel made entirely of ice and snow. This is one of the best lodging experiences in North American (besides Pilgrim’s Inn of course!). If you have ever done any ice camping then consider this an upscale version, complete with hot tubs, a sauna, and a nightclub made entirely of ice.