Downeast, Maine Lighthouses and 3 of the Best Ways to Experience Them

view of lighthouse beam at night in the dark sky, text reads download our vacation guideLighthouses serve not only as a beacon of light, but they also serve as a beacon of hope. When you think of New England, these magnificent towers often come to mind in addition to visions of charming fishing villages and beautiful, pristine beaches. The next time you find yourself in this region, you have to visit Downeast, Maine lighthouses! Adventurers from all over can experience these historic coastal structures from the land, sea, and sky. Plan a road trip to see them all or book a “flightseeing” tour to see them from a bird’s-eye view! Just be sure to access our complimentary Vacation Guide to help plan out the rest of your visit!

Must-Visit Downeast, Maine Lighthouses

Adorning the mesmerizing, rocky coast of Maine, these lighthouses stand out against the roaring Atlantic waves. No coastal Maine road trip is complete without seeing a lighthouse or two along the way! Visitors can visit some of the best lighthouses via car, boat, or ferry. Not all of them are open for climbing or touring (at least not year-round), but you can still admire their beauty from outside! Be sure to include some of the following in your itinerary when you plan your trip to Downeast!

3 of the Best Ways to Experience the Lighthouses

Penobscot Island Air “Flightseeing” Tours

See Maine from a brand new perspective when you take to the sky on one of Penobscot Island Air’s “Flightseeing” tours! The company offers a variety of lighthouse tours that range from 15-minute escapades around Owls Head Light and Breakwater Light to lengthier excursions that loop around to Isle au Haut, Pumpkin Island, and Castine! It’s an experience unlike any other, and you’re sure to remember it for the rest of your life.

Visit During Maine’s Open Lighthouse Day

Many lighthouses remain off-limits to visitors throughout the year. While you can admire them from a distance, you can’t always tour the inside or climb up to the top. On Maine’s Open Lighthouse Day, visitors have access to over two dozen lighthouses that are open to the public for viewing! This unique one-day event takes place in September every year, so plan accordingly!  

Drive Along the Deer Isle Lighthouse Trail

Many of Maine’s most beautiful scenic drives will take you to some of the best lighthouses to visit in the region! Be sure to travel along the Deer Isle Lighthouse Trail to see some spectacular lighthouses along the way. The lighthouses you can expect to see on this trail include:

  • Isle au Haut Light
  • Goose Rocks Light
  • Eagle Island Light
  • & more!

Stay at Pilgrim’s Inn on Deer Isle, ME

pilgrim's inn room seven hardwood furnishings white linens yellow wallsStay busy exploring many of Maine’s lighthouses during your stay on Deer Isle! After a long day driving along scenic byways, crossing the ocean to nearby islands via ferry, or soaring through the sky, be sure to rest your head at Pilgrim’s Inn! Our accommodations allow for a refreshing night’s rest in a comfortable space. It doesn’t hurt that the view from our rooms, such as Room Seven, offer glimpses the Northwest Harbor and our gorgeous grounds!

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