Finding Lunch on Deer Isle: Hidden Gems and Unusual Spots

Where can I get lunch on Deer Isle? That’s a question we hear a lot, and while there are several fine eateries on the island that serve lunch with table service, it’s the smaller, counter-service, roadside, and unusual lunch and snack spots that are the hidden gems.


Farmer’s Market Lunch on Deer Isle

If you’re lucky enough to be looking for lunch on Deer Isle on a Wednesday or a Friday, our first pick for something fresh, local, and unique is a visit to the Deer Isle Farmers Market and Stonington Farmers Market from late May/early June until late September/early October. The Deer Isle Market takes place on Wednesdays from 9:30-11:30am, just around the corner from Pilgrim’s Inn at the Old Elementary School, past 44 North Coffee on the left.

The Stonington Farmers Market takes place on Fridays from 10am-12pm at the Island Community Center off of route 15A, about a 10-15 minute drive from Pilgrim’s Inn. Head on over early to these markets to pick up lunch on Deer Isle or Stonington, and then eat it later while you’re hiking, relaxing on the lawn at Pilgrim’s Inn, or exploring the area. The Inn has plenty of backpacks for you to borrow to take your lunch on the trail.

At the farmer’s markets you’ll find several lunch options like Mia’s Sesame Noodles and Spring Rolls, or you can pick up some seriously delicious smoked pork ribs from the Nostrano traveling BBQ pit.

Make Your Own Lunch

One of our favorite things to do for lunch on Deer Isle is to put together a picnic sourced from several different vendors. Try bagels from Water’s Edge Bagels & Breads, paired with goat cheese from Yellow Birch Farm, throw in some summer tomatoes from Blue Zee Farm, or smoked salmon from Nostrano, and you’ve got yourself the freshest, most local, and truly delicious lunch around. End the meal with fresh local fruit or a sweet treat from Apple Blossom Bakery. At the Stonington market, you’ll also find prepared Indian and Asian foods for something unique and tasty.

Lobster roll

Lobster Roll

Of course, one can’t come to Maine without eating a lobster roll for lunch on Deer Isle. Our island community is world famous for its lobster and you’ll find it offered in various forms on every menu on the island. If you’re looking for a tasty lobster roll in a unusual location, try the roll at the Stonington Ice Cream Company. This little shop on the corner of Main Street offers much more than ice cream. Their lobster roll is made from freshly picked lobster, and features four ounces of meat at an affordable price. Along with ice cream and lobster rolls, you’ll also find summer soups and other sandwiches at this cute spot. If you’re feeling daring, you can purchase a fresh catch from the Stonington Lobster Co-op, which was formed all the way back in 1948 by a group of fishermen, but you’ll have to cook it yourself!

Fairway Cafe

Another fun lunch spot on Deer Isle is the Fairway Café at the Island Country Club. This 9-hole golf course and tennis courts are open to the public and located just a few miles from the Inn. After spending your morning playing a round of golf or improving your tennis game, stop in the café for daily specials from 11am-2pm, and enjoy them on the beautiful outdoor patio or in the newly renovated Great Room.

Water’s Edge Wines

While wine is the focus at Water’s Edge Wines on the corner of Main Street and Thurlows Hill Road in Stonington, the hidden gems inside this store are the creative sandwiches made from freshly baked bread. Offerings change on a regular basis, but you’ll find more adventuresome menu items like falafel, Cubans, and Vietnamese banh mi, along with Caprese, pulled pork, and Italian sandwiches on their delicious breads. In addition to sandwiches, you’ll find items such as Thai salad made with soba noodles, freshly made baked goods, cheeses, charcuterie, and cold wines to pack up for a picnic. Lunch is served from 11am-3pm, Tuesday through Saturday. There are also sandwiches to go if you are headed for the Isle au Haut Ferry just down the road from the store.

Drive In and Take Out

A great outdoor eatery is located right here for your lunch on Deer Isle! Visit Madelyn’s Drive In and Takeout on route 15 going north about a mile from Pilgrim’s Inn. Their well maintained roadside eatery features soft serve ice cream, plenty of specialty sandwiches and lobster, plus numerous picnic tables for some outdoor sunshine during your lunch on Deer Isle. You can also indulge in a basket of clams, scallops, shrimp, haddock, or chicken fingers. Then, get some sweet potato fries, potato salad, and coleslaw on the side. Voila! Lunch on Deer Isle is served.

Chocolate Mousse

If a Sweet Treat is All You Need

While not a lunch spot, you can’t miss out on a cold or hot coffee beverage from 44 North Coffee. Megan and Melissa are serving up fair trade coffee from their perch on top of the historic Deer Isle schoolhouse around the corner from the Inn on Church Street as well as their second location on Main Street in Stonington. They serve up biscotti to pair with your coffee, along with baked goods from Tinder Hearth Bakery. The Mountainville Cafe at Nervous Nellie’s Jams & Jellies in Sunshine is another fun stop, where the whimsical sculptures of Peter Beerits are paired with their delicious jams and jellies you can try with a scone.

After Your Lunch on Deer Isle

There is much to explore on Deer Isle, Maine! Be sure to store up some energy at lunchtime so you can keep adventuring throughout the afternoon. After your adventures are done, come back to Pilgrim’s Inn for the evening and enjoy our bed and breakfast retreat on this beautiful island we call home. Looking for more attractions and adventures? Download our free vacation guide!