Spend a Day of Fun at the Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park

There are some beautiful landscapes in Downeast Maine and you will find some of the best at the Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park. This year-round oasis features upland forests, rocky shores, and an offshore island. You’ll love birdwatching in the spring, hiking in the summer, and cross-country skiing in the winter. A variety of magnificent ecosystems and coastal habitats await your visit! Here are just a few amazing things you will discover at the Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park.

For more information on where to plan your outdoor adventures during your stay at Pilgrim’s Inn, you can download our free Vacation Guide. It features a variety of local destinations, like the Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park.

The Diverse Ecosystems of Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park

Explore beaches, mud flats, rocky coastline, steep volcano slopes, and spruce forests at Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park. You’ll also discover wetlands and meadows, multicolored wildflowers, marshes and ponds, and mixed hardwoods. Enjoy the refreshing water in the summer or bundle up for some cross-country skiing in the winter. All throughout the year, you will also be able to enjoy the abundant wildlife. You might see deer, beavers, porcupines, bobcats, coyotes, and muskrats, among other coastal woodland creatures.

Activities You Will Love

The diverse landscapes of the Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park allow for a variety of splendid activities to enjoy. Spend a day exploring and participating in a range of fantastic adventures. Whether you want to simply hike the many trails or go swimming and sea kayaking, there is the perfect adventure waiting for you! Picnic tables provide a great location to bring your lunch and take in some sedentary views. Meanwhile, canoe and kayak launches are ideal for an exploration on the water. Switch up your perspective when you embark on one of these voyages! Fishing and bird watching are other popular activities to enjoy during your visit.

Hiking Trails For Exploring

The Holbrook Island Sanctuary Trail Map is a necessity when navigating this extensive nature preserve. Over 1,200 acres are waiting to be explored. A system of well-maintained trails exists throughout the park, with picnic tables and grills scattered throughout. Enjoy the cool sea breeze among beautiful old oaks, wild apple trees, and gorgeous waterfront scenery. Fragrant spruces and vibrant soft patches of moss will highlight your hike. Both coastal and inland hiking trails exist, allowing for some truly picturesque moments that you won’t soon forget.

Stay at Pilgrim’s Inn

The Holbrook Island Sanctuary State Park is just one of the many beautiful places to visit during your stay in Downeast Maine! At Pilgrim’s Inn on Deer Isle, you can continue your nature retreat. Our beautiful bed and breakfast is located directly next to a large mill pond and within a short drive to some amazing hikes and coastal habitats. Discover some feathered friends, foxes, otters, and other wildlife when you stay with us! There are often some cute creatures right off the porch in our lush garden and among the many trees surrounding the pond. Swing in our hammock by the pond or look out on the water at our wooden bench in the backyard. Our relaxing atmosphere is sure to provide a soothing oasis after your hiking, swimming, and birdwatching adventures.