Everything You Need to Know about Deer Isle, Maine, Civil War History

When you stay at Pilgrim’s Inn, you have the chance to stay in history. Our inn is more than 200 years old; if the walls could talk, we can only imagine what they’d say. Not only does Pilgrim’s Inn have an incredible past, the town itself does too. In Deer Isle, Maine, the Civil War had a huge impact on the town.

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Deer Isle, Maine, Before the Civil War

Before the Civil War, Deer Isle was one of the most prominent towns in the area. The area has perfect grounds for farming, so the citizens produced many of their goods themselves. If they could not produce something such as coffee and sugar, they would purchase it from the boats that were always docked in the port. Then, the Civil War began.

Deer Isle, Maine, during the Civil War

When the Civil War began, Maine citizens were more than happy to volunteer and fight. As the Maine regiments began to fill, volunteers would head to Massachusetts to enlist there. There were about 600 people eligible for Deer Isle, Maine, Civil War enlistment. Out of the 600, about 300 men became soldiers. Charles Gray was the first to enlist in the war and the first casualty from the town.

The war had an effect on the town in many ways. With so many men at war, many major Maine industries fell behind such as the production of wooden boats stopped, fishing, and logging.

Charles Gray

Charles Gray has gotten a lot of attention in Deer Isle, Maine, Civil War history. Not only did he represent the area’s drive to fight in such an iconic war and was the first casualty of the area, he is one of the only men we truly know the story of. He passed away as a hero: he was in the middle of a battle when he carried an injured soldier off the field to safety. He ended up heading back to the front lines where he was shot almost instantly. Incredibly, the Deer Isle-Stonington Historical Society has the artifacts from this story. In their possession is a photograph of the soldier, his promotion certificate, a letter announcing his death, and even the bullet that killed him.

Step Back in Time When You Stay at Pilgrim’s Inn

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