Stroll These Blue Hill Maine Beaches to Experience the Beautiful Coastline

The Downeast Maine coast is a beautiful oasis, featuring a variety of fascinating terrains that will take your breath away! From our pebble beaches to our dense forests, there is much land to explore and admire. Discover shorebirds among a wide variety of coastal wildlife that you will come across during a hike, boat ride, or bike adventure. And the peaceful lap of water against the shoreline will settle you into a relaxing vacation mindset before you know it! Stroll Blue Hill Maine beaches to experience all this and more during your stay at Pilgrim’s Inn.

For more information on things to do during your stay in Deer Isle, you can download our free Vacation Guide. From strolling Blue Hill Maine beaches to sampling fresh jams and jellies at Nellie’s, you’ll love the charming Downeast Coast.

Discover Wildlife on These Blue Hill Maine Beaches

Blue Hill Maine is a great day trip destination, just a short drive from Deer Isle and in the middle of a long stretch of Downeast Maine coastline. Enjoy fantastic views of Acadia, Blue Hill Harbor, and Penobscot Bay as you stroll along Blue Hill Maine beaches or wander the charming coastal town. Look above for eagles or on the rocks for puffins or seals. Among the waves, watch for whale, dolphin, and porpoise fins peeking out of the water. As you wander into the surrounding forest landscapes, you might spot muskrats and black bears, among lush plantlife. Blue Hill Maine hiking will take you on quite the awe-inspiring expedition. The colors of Downeast Maine shine in rich mossy and leaf greens; the spectrum is tantalizing!

Other Blue Hill Maine Things to Do

Blue Hill is well known as a seasonal retreat for musicians and artists, making it a bustling town for part of the year and a secluded, peaceful retreat during the off-season. In the summer, however, it is full of exciting things to do and places to explore. Whether you’re just looking to wander Blue Hill Maine beaches or visit some shops along the main strip, there are a variety of options.

Find the perfect vacation read to take back to the Pilgrim’s Inn garden at Blue Hill Books, a specialty shop. Or, find a one-of-a-kind handmade creation at Rackliffe Pottery to take home as a souvenir or gift. Another lovely stop after strolling Blue Hill Maine beaches is the Blue Hill Wine Shop. This sophisticated gem in the middle of the small village also carries coffee, tea, and tobacco. If you’re looking for a more historic adventure, consider a trip to the Jonathan Fisher House. This house museum was once the residence of the first minister of the Congregational Church of Blue Hill. Fisher has a more relevant history to millennials, however. He was the first American to paint a self-portrait, so you could say he was our nation’s inventor of the selfie!

Stay a Short Drive Away at Pilgrim’s Inn on Deer Isle

Along with Blue Hill, there are many other Downeast Maine coastal towns worth exploring. And one of them is Deer Isle, home to Pilgrim’s Inn! Our historic bed and breakfast is the prominent feature of Main Street, surrounded by charming shops on one side and a breathtaking millpond and bay on the other. If you’re looking for the perfect nature retreat, then look no further than Pilgrim’s Inn. Plan your getaway today!