Everything You Need to Know About Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound

If there’s one thing we’re known for in Maine, it’s our lobster. The abundance of these decadent crustaceans fuels both the economy and the bellies of travelers and locals alike. In order to get the complete Maine experience, visiting the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound is a must! This no-nonsense restaurant serves up the freshest lobster Maine has to offer, in its purest form. For more on local cuisine and excursions, take a look at our Vacation Guide to make the most out of your stay at Pilgrim’s Inn!

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Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound: A Traditional Treasure

The Restaurant

Are you ready to experience seafood like a true local, then The Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound is the restaurant for you. This establishment abides by the motto, “We aren’t fancy, just traditionally tasteful!” and aims to keep the atmosphere simple so as not to distract your senses from the delicious cuisine. The menu offers lobster in all forms including cocktails, sandwiches, stew, and whole boiled. Trenton Bridge continues their pledge to simplicity by cooking with only fresh seawater boiled over a wood burning fire. It’s a recipe that has kept visitors coming back for over five decades, proving that traditional, home-style meals can produce better taste than the fanciest of restaurants!

The Business

The traditional recipe by the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound has been passed on for five generations. It all started with George and Gertrude Gascon, who purchased the establishment in 1956. Gertrude’s parents, the Dunbars, worked alongside them to get the business up and running, and the rest was history! As their family grew, so did the business, and everyone pitched in to keep up with the steady increase of customers. Their simple lobster cooking technique was such a hit that in 1981, they launched live mail-order lobster shipments across the country, which have continued to grow in popularity. No matter where you are, fresh, high-quality lobster is always just a click away!

The Store

The Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound store offers all the memorabilia you need to commemorate your dining experience. Bucket hats and casual tees allow you to sport their logo in support of our favorite lobster location. If you want to master the art of lobster cooking on your own, buy a traditional chef’s apron, a couple of live lobster, and lobster crackers to test your culinary skills and recipes. But if your meal doesn’t do the Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound justice, make sure to grab a restaurant gift card and tell your friends to book a stay at Pilgrim’s Inn to experience the most outstanding lobster they’ve ever tasted!

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When you book a stay in one of our charming cottages, you’ll get the true feel of a rustic yet upscale Maine home. The kitchenette provides the perfect spot to test your hand at cooking lobster from Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound, and a freshly made bed will invite you in after a satisfying meal. When you stay at Pilgrim’s Inn, you truly get a glance into the life an authentic Maine native! Join us for your perfect vacation today in Deer Isle, Maine.