This is Why You Need to Visit Sow’s Ear Winery

cork screw photo reads download our free vacation guideIf you’re not one for glitz and glam, escaping to the quiet coast of Maine might sound like heaven to you. For a unique wine-tasting experience during your peaceful getaway, you need to visit Sow’s Ear Winery. This humble winery boasts nothing more than a rustic aesthetic, dry, organic fruit wines, and good company. There is beauty in simplicity, and this establishment hones in on that idea. While the name ironically references Alexander Barclay’s assertion that “you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear,” it’s up for you to determine whether the winery’s owner, Tom Hoey, succeeded in challenging this age-old proverb. Continue reading to learn more about this casual vino-tasting experience. For more great ideas on what to do near Pilgrim’s Inn, download our vacation guide, compiled by local experts.  

Sample the Wine at Sow’s Ear Winery

Sampling the wine in the tasting room is a must. When you walk in, expect to see shelves of literature lining the walls, antique furniture, and a beautifully-crafted tasting table. If you don’t see the owner right away, keep your eye out for handwritten notes instructing you to ring a bell here or hold a call button there. Once you’re settled in, try a variety of fruit wines. Sow’s Ear doesn’t produce your typical grape wines found at other local wineries.

Types of Wine Carried at Sow’s Ear

  • Sparkling cider created with apples from the owner’s on-site orchard.
  • Rhubarb wine and sparkling rhubarb produced with organically-grown rhubarb stalks from King Hill Farm in Penobscot. Often served as an aperitif before meals.
  • Blueberry wine created with organic Maine’s wild blueberries to make a full-bodied red.
  • Wildberry wine made from apples, blueberries, cranberries, grapes, currants, and chokeberries to form a semi-sweet blend.
  • Chokecherry wine is the newest fruit wine on their menu

If you can’t make it to the tasting room, you can find this brand of wine at the Blue Hill Farmer’s Market and other local restaurants and markets.  

Meet the Owner

The owner, Tom Hoey, enjoys chatting with his guests while providing them with a delightful experience in this cozy tasting room. Chat about everything from medieval literature and anthropology to homesteading and the Peace Corps. He’s happy to share about his experiences as an arborist or raising pigs, goats, and chickens. He planted over 100 trees that you will see behind the tasting room and takes pride in the fact that he doesn’t use sprays or pesticides on his trees.

Stay at Pilgrim’s Inn

room eleven at pilgrim's innReturn to your gorgeous room at Pilgrim’s Inn after an eventful day at Sow’s Ear Winery. Our property boasts serene views, rustic decor, and comfortable bedding that allows you to enjoy your escape from reality thoroughly. Stay in our Room Eleven accommodation, located on the third floor of our bed and breakfast. It overlooks our lush lawns, green gardens, and a mesmerizing millpond and features a slanted ceiling and gorgeous hardwood flooring. Downeast Maine has so much for you to do and see during your visit. We look forward to making your dream vacations a reality.