Enjoy a Beautiful Day at Scott’s Landing Preserve

Scott’s Landing Preserve on Deer Isle, ME is not only a beautiful natural landscape through which to take a morning stroll, it’s also a glimpse back in time to the way life used to be on this remote Maine island. The nature trails will lead you past a pristine beach and the old ferry landing, as well as a 19th-century store and what used to be a working dairy farm. Scott’s Landing Preserve encompasses the pastoral way of life that was once the only means to survival here on Deer Isle. If you love to reflect on the days of yore, don’t miss a visit to this breathtaking sanctuary of old Maine and its rich history, wonderful walking trails and pristine beach.

Hit the Trail

There are three separate walking trails covering Scott’s Landing’s 20 acres of open meadows and wooded dells that add up to 1.5 miles of walking. The trails are easy and suitable for all ages with level terrain and few if any obstacles along the way, though they are dirt paths. Interpretive signs are located along all the trails explaining the various historical sites, as well as the natural habitat on Scott’s Landing Preserve, allowing for a great educational opportunity. Whether you’re looking for a nice healthy walk or run, or just want to take a casual stroll by the beach, this is one of the most picturesque options on Deer Isle.

Farmstead and Store

For many years, the Scott family farmstead was a typical active farm for the area. With perfect open fields for grazing milking cows, the Scott family did quite well selling their milk to their neighbors on the island. Be sure to look for the old milk house and what remains of the barn’s foundation. Along the shoreline look for a pile of large round stones on the beach that mark what is left of the 1807 dock belonging to Richardson’s store. You’ll find the store’s remnant in the shape of an old cellar hole adjacent the dock.

Beaches and Meadows

The beach at Scott’s Landing Preserve is not only a great place to relax, but it is a treasure trove of creatures to search for. When the tide is out, explore the pools for all the life teeming within them. This is also among the most popular places in Maine to enjoy the bird migrations during the fall and spring, so bring your binoculars along and catch some rare birds coming in to roost at sunset. The meadows are just as breathtaking here and are home to things like the rare wood lilies once typical of the many little farms that once spotted the coast of Maine. Around august, these meadows are also a wonderful place to find edible wild mushrooms, and you’ll often see groups heading out to hunt them.  

Scott’s Landing Preserve is an excellent place to spend a day, whether alone with a good book, or in the best of company. While it is open all year round, come spring the flowers will be in bloom, and the charming Deer Isle bed and breakfast, Pilgrim’s Inn, will be ready to welcome you for a weekend getaway from Boston and other Northeaster cities.