5 of the Best Places to Find Maine Holiday Gifts

presents wrapped up with red bows text reads download our vacation guideThe holidays mean family, warm memories, and celebration. They also bring some stressors like picking out the perfect gift. Maine holiday gifts are a great option to find something unique that everyone will love! If you want to discover the best Maine holiday gifts, consider a mail-order option from one of our favorite Maine gift shops. Or, if you are in town visiting Deer Isle, you can stop by one of these great local stores. Local souvenirs make great presents during the holiday season; many of our island artists create truly one-of-a-kind creations that you will not be able to find anywhere else! For some ideas on great Maine holiday gifts, consider our following suggestions. You can find even more recommendations for gift shopping in our complimentary Vacation Guide!

5 of the Best Places to Find Maine Holiday Gifts

1. 44 North Coffee

For the coffee lover in your life, order a delicious blend from 44 North! This coffee roaster, just around the corner from Pilgrim’s Inn, features a variety of on-site blended brews. Choose the Blonde Pearl Espresso or the Royal Tar Blend. These fair trade organic beans are available in a half-pound, 12-ounce, or pound bag. They also offer awesome gift baskets like French Press and coffee grounds combos! They’re one of our favorite coffee roasters in Downeast, Maine!

2. Black Dinah Chocolatiers

There aren’t many people who don’t love chocolate, especially chocolates of such high quality like these from Black Dinah Chocolatiers! Order some delicious chocolate from Isle Au Haut for your loved ones this holiday season. This chocolate shop offers bark, caramels, a truffle collection, woodland animal molds, and holiday packages. It’s one of our favorite places to shop near Deer Isle! Each treat is expertly made, not to mention incredibly pleasing to the eye. They’re almost too pretty to eat!

3. Nervous Nellie’s

One of our favorite places to shop for Maine holiday gifts is Nervous Nellie’s Jams and Jellies.  The Jelly Kitchen works overtime this time of year to keep up with demand for all their delicious jams and jellies! Not only will you find delicious spreads at this delightful Maine gift shop, but you will also find their accompaniments like scone and muffin mix. They also offer other great gifts for the holidays such as pine cone candles, one-of-a-kind comic books, handcrafted mugs, maple syrup and more. Plus, when you order gifts from Nervous Nellie’s online, they will ship out your box with an adorable Gingham ribbon and a sprig of fresh balsam from Maine! They’re one of the many businesses we love on Deer Isle!

4. The Periwinkle

Not only is The Periwinkle located right next door to Pilgrim’s Inn, but it is also a great shop for finding Maine holiday gifts. This shop offers Deer Isle and Stonington specialties from unique local artwork to books and other merchandise. You can purchase locally crafted soaps, balsam fir potpourri, Deer Isle granite, and more. There are some great jewelry options as well, such as local map earrings and silver Maine state necklaces. Other items include wine glasses, candies, figurines, and sculptures.

5. Marlinespike Chandlery

For a unique keepsake you can’t find anywhere else, check out the rare works of art crafted from rope at the Marlinespike Chandlery. Purchase a maritime memento that pays homage to the rich history of Maine from this charming shop. Peruse nautical antiques, jewelry, and other treasures. You’re guaranteed to find something that catches your eye!

Give the Gift of Travel with a Pilgrim’s Inn Gift Certificate

Gift box wrapped in black paper with silver ribbon on wooden surface.One of the best Maine holiday gifts to give your loved ones is a gift certificate to Pilgrim’s Inn! There’s a reason why people put a Maine road trip on their bucket lists. The stunning natural beauty of Acadia National Park, pleasant charm local restaurants like Aragosta Restaurant, and the allure of historic lighthouses draw people to Downeast year after year. Give the gift that they’ll remember for a lifetime!

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