5 Things You Need to Know About Maine’s Blueberry Season

New England locals look forward to Maine’s blueberry season all year. Think about your favorite blueberry treat. Maybe you prefer eating them fresh by themselves, mixed in with some granola, or sprinkled atop a vibrant summer salad. Perhaps you enjoy baking muffins, pies, and cobblers with them. People use blueberries in a myriad of recipes from homemade ice cream to creative cocktails. Not only do they bring joy to our taste buds, but they provide healthy antioxidants for our bodies as well. Travelers and berry aficionados often carve time out of their summers to be in town for the seasonal harvest. It’s a lovely time to visit.

The season for Maine’s blueberries occurs each year from late July through the middle of September. The delicious produce, breathtaking scenery, and relaxing atmosphere attracts visitors to the Northeast year after year. In between collecting berries, enjoy the natural beauty of Downeast, Maine! Our complimentary vacation guide contains the best suggestions for dining, hiking, sightseeing, and more. It even tells you about all the annual events and festivals so that you don’t have to worry about missing a thing.

5 Facts About Maine’s Blueberry Season

  1. The blueberries that grow throughout Northern Maine and Nova Scotia are considered “lowbush” or wild. They flourish not because humans plant the seeds to intentionally grow them, but because of the natural phenomenon of bees pollinating while they gather nectar from flowers.
  2. Blueberry-related fairs and festivals commence once the season begins. Visitors can find events hosting an array of contests, artisans, and local performances. Enter your great-grandmother’s beloved blueberry pie in a bake-off. Sample homemade jams, jellies, wines, syrups, and other sweet confections.
  3. The wild blueberry is the state fruit of Maine. This anecdote comes as no surprise to anyone who can say they’ve seen the gorgeous sea of blue fields in late summer. Can you guess what the state dessert is? Blueberry pie!
  4. Everyone knows that blueberries pack just as much of a healthy punch as they do a pleasant taste. The wild variety, found in Maine, tend to carry up to twice as many antioxidants and twice as much fiber as their cultivated counterparts.
  5. Restaurants in the region that feature seasonal menus include blueberries in their dishes all summer. Find them in yogurt, salsa, sandwiches, and even some savory entrees.

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