See a Spectacular Display of Blossoms at the Lupine Festival on Deer Isle

As spring melts into the glory days of summer, the beautiful lupine begin to appear on Deer Isle in an array of purple majesty. This stunning colorful flower is celebrated annually in June at the Lupine Festival on Deer Isle. There are several activities to honor the wildflower. These include nature walks, garden tours, boat expeditions, airplane rides, and open studios. Discover more about what you will see and what activities you can participate in during the Lupine Festival on Deer Isle.

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The Lupine Flower

Lupine is an exquisite flower that can be found on the East Coast from Florida to Maine and as far west as Minnesota. Fields of purple, lavender, pink, and white blossoms can be found throughout Downeast Maine. These blooms usually appear from late May through the end of June. The colorful display blankets the landscape with these unique blooms. The lupine blossoms are the subject of many photographs. They also make a great backdrop for group vacation pictures to put in your scrapbook. Painters flock to Deer Isle during this time of year to capture the cascading hills of purple with brush and stroke.

Activities During the Lupine Festival

Celebrate the magical colors of nature this June when you attend the Lupine Festival on Deer Isle. During your visit, you will not only get to see the gorgeous lupine flowers on display. You will also get to participate in a variety of events surrounding the majestic show of nature! Take in the flowers by land, sea, or air during tours of the Downeast coast. There will be car, plane, boat, schooner, and even kayak tours of the landscape. There will also be island-wide trail walks on nature preserves, puffin boat trips to take in some local wildlife, and art exhibits. No matter what tours you decide to participate in, you will be awed by the breathtaking display of lupine on and beyond Deer Isle!

Stay at Pilgrim’s Inn During the Lupine Festival on Deer Isle!

Our bed and breakfast in the heart of Deer Isle is the perfect place to stay during the Lupine Festival. Pilgrim’s Inn is located on Main Street and surrounded by gorgeous nature, from our backyard gardens to a peaceful mill pond. If you walk across the street, behind a row of charming shops, you will also discover a vibrant landscape. The forest and wildflowers coalesce in a beautiful cohesion of rich color. Meanwhile, the water of the bay stretches on for miles and miles out into the ocean. Come explore nature and discover a refreshing inner peace during the Lupine Festival on Deer Isle!