The Island Heritage Trust Will Help You Explore Deer Isle

One of the best reasons to visit Pilgrim’s Inn on Deer Isle is to be surrounded by the beautiful natural scenery found in Downeast Maine. The breathtaking island community, including Stonington and outlying islands, features over 24,000 acres and 112 miles of shoreline. The Island Heritage Trust helps ensure that this land is continually preserved and available for hiking and educational programming. The non-profit land trust conserves Deer Isle’s beautiful landscape and natural resources while maintaining public access to trails, the shore, and surrounding islands. These are just a few ways that the Island Heritage Trust helps you to explore and appreciate Deer Isle!

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About Island Heritage Trust

The non-profit organization Island Heritage Trust was founded in 1987 by concerned citizens. The organization was formed to ensure the preservation of the pristine land found on Deer Isle and Stonington. Taking a firm stance against development, the trust has taken ownership of over 771 acres, including over 13 miles of shoreline. They have also accrued 18 properties, including the Mark Island lighthouse, Settlement Quarry, and Causeway Beach. The trust seeks to protect open space, scenic areas, wildlife habitats, natural resources, and historic and cultural landmarks and features. Island Heritage Trust also provides educational programs to help keep the idea of conservation alive among locals and visitors alike.

Island Heritage Trust Trails

One important activity done by Island Heritage Trust is maintaining the trails that run throughout its nature preserves. Locals and visitors can journey through this Downeast Maine paradise and discover its true beauty. After experiencing the breathtaking natural landscape for oneself, the seeds of conservation are planted! Along with maintaining these trails, the Island Heritage Trust also hosts guided walks and tours that will offer you the chance to get out and explore our area during your stay.

Some wonderful trails are available in Settlement Quarry. Enjoy a stunning panorama of nearby Webb Cove, Isle au Haut, and the Camden Hills at this historic, geologic feature. Settlement Quarry wood trails are marked with paint on tree trunks- orange for the Glacial Erratic Trail and blue for the Grout Pile Trail. You can also explore 20 acres of fields, trails, and shoreline at Scott’s Landing. There are some lovely places to picnic with views of Eggemoggin Reach and sailboats passing beneath the Deer Isle Bridge.

Hike up Pine Hill on Little Deer to enjoy even more spectacular views of the surrounding mainland and outer islands. You can also read about and see the rare serpentinized peridotite and the quarry where rocks for the Causeway were mined. Bowcat Overlook then stands between the two preserves as a one-acre shore property. This access point to Carney Island features a plaque that highlights its connection with famed local author Robert McCloskey’s book Time of Wonder.

Upcoming Island Heritage Trust Events 2016-2017

This autumn and winter mark some wonderful wildlife events for the Island Heritage Trust. Enjoy the Bird Walk at Scott’s Landing on October 8, and stay in town to experience the Medicinal Plant Walk & Workshop the following weekend on October 15. There will also be monthly bird walks from November through February!

Stay at Pilgrim’s Inn

After your Island Heritage Trust nature explorations, settle in at Pilgrim’s Inn for a cozy retreat. Take off your coat, warm up, and indulge in a creative meal at our restaurant. Or, soak away your sore hiking muscles in your private tub with our all-natural Bee Kind bath products. Wake up in the morning to a delectable breakfast before starting a brand new day of adventure on Deer Isle! Book your stay today!