Island Food Week on Deer Isle

This week is “Island Food Week” on Deer Isle, and National Farmer’s Market Week, so we are  celebrating the abundance of farms and farmers markets in our area.  Deer Isle, the Blue Hill Peninsula, and Cape Rosier are home to a vast number of farms and small businesses producing organic produce, meats, seafood, dairy products, specialty cheeses, jams, flowers, blueberries ,  — as well as coffee, baked goods, wine and chocolate.  Farmers markets and farm stands can be found almost every day of the week in Stonington, Deer Isle, Blue Hill, Brooksville, Brooklin, Castine, Bucks Harbor and beyond.  Our favorite is the Stonington Farmers Market, which offers a diversity of farm and specialty food products, as well as crafts, and fine art.  Open from mid May – mid October every Friday from 10-noon, this market is considered one of the best in the region because of its variety and size.  Many of our guests at Pilgrim’s Inn bring their own coolers and fill them with these fresh and flavorful products to enjoy at home. Check it out at Stonington Farmers Market.

Local food is also being celebrated this week through poetry and film at Opera House Arts in Stonington.  Tonight features 8 short films about Maine farmers called “Meet your Farmer” compiled by the Maine Farmland Trust.  On Thursday Maine Poet Laureate Wesley McNair and nationally recognized poet and Deer Isle resident  Deborah Cummins, along with six local writers will be celebrating food and the slow creative process experience by both chefs and artists alike.

Pilgrim’s Inn has a few rooms available on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, so if you love local organic food and want to celebrate farms, come join us!