Horsepower Farm in Maine is One of the Most Unique Local Attractions

Prepare to take a step back in time when you visit Horsepower Farm in Penobscot, Maine. Horsepower Farm is a multi-generational farm that uses horses exclusively instead of machinery! That means, horses are used for tillage, planting, cultivating, haying, harvest, fertilization, and logging! Over 360 acres are managed by Horsepower Farm in Maine. On those grounds, a wide range of organic produce is grown. This produce is then supplied to local farmers markets, restaurants, and natural food stores in the Blue Hill Peninsula and along the Downeast Coast!

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History of Horsepower Farm in Maine

The unique nature of Horsepower Farm in Maine centers around its lack of machinery. The entire farm runs on horsepower, a rare notion in our modern world of technology and mass production. The idea for this simplistic farming lifestyle goes far back. But it crossed the minds of Paul and Mollie Birdsall in 1972. They moved from Connecticut to Penobscot with their two sons to settle on this 383-acre farm. The 1820’s farmhouse was in a state of disrepair and rebuilt, along with the means to establish a diversified organic farm. Coupled with this idea was the plan to raise Suffolk Punch horses to work the land. Though Mollie passed away in 2000, family is still at the core of everything Horsepower Farm stands for. Today, Horsepower Farm produces over 40 varieties of organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs which are supplies to a variety of local vendors.

Produce Supply: Farmers Markets & Restaurants

Organic market garden vegetables, dry beans and storage crops, pork and lamb meat, blueberries, eggs, and more are produced at Horsepower Farm in Maine. These products, along with un-edible items such as sheepskins and unprocessed wool, are then supplied to local farmers markets, restaurants, and other outlets. This is all with the help of Suffolk Punch work horses. Horsepower Farm creates high-quality goods that you will find throughout Downeast Maine. The Blue Hill Farmers’ Market, Castine Farmers’ Market, Sedgwick School, and more reap the benefits of this fruitful farm. You will also find their ingredients in a variety of local restaurants.

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