What You Need to Know About the Good Life Center and Back to the Land Movement

Rooted in the founding of Forest Farm over 60 years ago, the Back to the Land Movement has subsequently taken over Maine. This environmental lifestyle movement began with Helen and Scott Nearing. These pioneers advocated for a pure and simple way of living. The Nearings paved the way in Vermont and Maine for thousands to pursue a more fulfilling life tied closely to nature. “Living the Good Life” is the homesteading novel that inspired this change. In honor of the Nearings’ continuing cultural impact, the Good Life Center was established to perpetuate their legacy. Learn more about the Good Life Center and the Back to the Land Movement. Their impact on Downeast Maine and beyond is extensive still to this day!

Read more about the sustainable organic farms in Maine near Deer Isle and Pilgrim’s Inn to discover how the Back to the Land Movement impacts our bed and breakfast directly! Then, read on to learn more about the Good Life Center.

What is the Good Life?

The “good life” to the Nearings was leaving behind star careers and urban culture for a simpler life closer to nature. In rural Vermont, the couple constructed a stone house, planted organic herbs and vegetables, and tapped trees for maple syrup. With hard labor and dedication to a purposeful agricultural living, the urbanites became homesteaders. The Nearings made this move not only to escape the cityscape but also to improve their health and well-being. Disassociated from war, pollution, greed, and overconsumption, they were left to create their own peaceful social environment. After moving to the even more remote Brooksville in Maine, the Nearings acquired 140 acres. Once settled, they further pursued their newfound lifestyle. Thus, their own personal “good life” flourished and became an example for so many others.

Visiting the Good Life Center

The Good Life Center was established as an extension of the Nearings’ dedication to the Back to the Land Movement. It preserves their powerful legacy through programming and preservation of the historic Forest Farm homestead. The Good Life Center advocates for the same thing the Nearings sought. The list includes sustainable living, social and economic justice, gardening, and the non-exploitation of animals. Open to visitors from June through mid-October, the Good Life Center allows for tours of the organic gardens and hand-built stone home. A charitable donation of $10 is recommended to allow the Good Life Center to continue its ongoing mission and advocacy.

Pilgrim’s Inn Utilizes Sustainable Organic Farms Near Deer Isle

Here at Pilgrim’s Inn, we use produce, fish, and goat cheese from local sustainable farms. We support local organic farms as much as possible in the food we serve. Our restaurant features fresh ingredients that change seasonally to give you the most authentic culinary experience during your stay. We pride ourselves on using local ingredients from organic farms and seafood caught right here in our local waters! Make a dinner reservation today, or book your stay at our bed and breakfast, to discover our agricultural accountability commitment firsthand!