Why Fresh Maine Lobster is the Best There Is

If your ideal Maine vacation includes getting fresh lobster right off the boat, there’s no better place to visit than Deer Isle. Known for being the most productive lobster port on the coast of Maine, this little island is a seafood hub supplying all the biggest eastern cities with this delicious delicacy. Whether you’re looking for a traditional no frills lobster roll on a grilled buttered bun, as part of a fine dining dish, or if you love that special experience of eating lobster right out of the shell with drawn butter, Deer Isle has all the fresh Maine lobster options you’re looking for – including overnight shipping if you want to serve a nostalgic dinner once you get home.

Why is Maine Lobster the Best?

There is a big difference between the cold water American lobster harvested in Maine, and the warm water lobster commonly referred to as Rock Lobster, which is usually sold as cooked and frozen lobster tails.  Cold water lobsters have firm, sweet, white meat and need to be eaten within several days of being caught (they must be cooked live). Known for being the best tasting lobster in the world, and sought after by fine dining chefs  everywhere, Maine lobster is harvested from our clean cold waters, and served very fresh. You won’t ever find lobster listlessly moving in those dirty tanks you sometimes see in restaurants far from Maine.  Since Maine fisherman produce over half the catch of American Lobster in the US, lobstering is not just an economic activity, it’s a way of life and an important part of our State heritage and culture.

About Fresh Maine Lobster Fishing

Maine lobster is harvested year-round, with the bulk of it harvested in the summer and fall. According to a recent lobster stock assessment, the 2016 lobster season is off to a booming start, with populations at an all-time high in the Gulf of Maine.  The fishing practices here are strictly regulated with limits on harvesting lobster that are over or under a certain size, and stiff penalties are imposed for harvesting breeding females . Population assessments help researchers better understand the species, as well as what practices will best regulate the population, ensuring that it is not depleted. With the populations booming, you can be sure to find tasty fresh Maine lobster at even more affordable prices this year.  

Where to find lobster on Deer Isle

You will always find lobster on the menu at Pilgrim’s Inn, but if you want to enjoy this delectable treat at home, one of the companies below would be happy to help you out!

Jones Lobster Co.

This family owned and operated business is located smack in the middle of Deer Isle. Their fleet of lobster boats bring in a fresh load for their customers every day, so you know exactly where your meal is coming from. Run by families who have been in the lobster business for three and four generations, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone more expert in both catching and serving lobster. At their small store on Deer Isle, you’ll also find a few gourmet products to enhance your dinner. Lobsters aren’t just about a fancy meal at Jones Lobster CO, they’re a way of life. 

Stonington Lobster Co-op

If you’re just as interested in the culture of lobstering as you are in eating the delicacy, then the Stonington Lobster Co-op is the place for you. With the fishermen heading out each morning by 5 am and back by mid afternoon, there is no better place to observe the industry than from the docks at the Co-op. Not only can you check out the hustle and bustle of the business, you will also enjoy one of the best views of Stonington Harbor.

Greenhead Lobster Co.

Greenhead Lobster is one of the largest lobster purveyors in Maine, and they are single minded in their pursuit of bringing fresh lobsters from Stonington Maine to the international market.  They work with lobstermen all over Penobscot Bay and they’ll ship your lobsters fresh, with cooking instructions inside.

Half the fun of getting fresh Maine lobster is knowing exactly where it came from. On Deer Isle, you can always be sure that the lobster is fresh as the views are beautiful, which makes the perfect atmosphere for a great meal. Combine a meal of fresh Maine lobster with a stay at Pilgrim’s Inn bed and breakfast and you’ll have the best vacation you can imagine. Get to planning and book your room at this charming Maine bed and breakfast!