Local, Organic, Vegan, and Gluten Free

One of the biggest challenges we face at the Whale’ Rib these days is designing a menu that meets an increasingly complex list of demands from customers –from local, organic and sustainable,  to gluten free, vegan, and affordable.  We also must minimize food waste and create a manageable menu for our size, while appealing to a wide variety of people within a small area so that everyone feels welcomed at the Whale’s Rib.  

This year we are offering a vegan soup that changes seasonally, and our quinoa and kale cakes with grilled portabella mushroom are both vegan and gluten free.  We also offer several vegetarian appetizers and entrees for those who only choose to eliminate meat.  In addition many of our dishes are naturally gluten free as we do not use wheat flour to thicken sauces and of course don’t use any processed foods.  

You will always find a salad on our menu that is sourced from local farms like Yellow Birch and Carding Brook, and this summer we will be offering an organic chicken dish that is sourced completely from local farms. We also offer plenty of local shellfish like Deer Isle steamers and lobsters, Blue Hill mussels, Maine raw oysters (on Thursdays), and will soon have our local cheeseboard back on the menu featuring local and Maine made cheeses.
Peeper Ale from Maine Beer Company
We are also fans of the many Maine micro brews available today and our beer list is dominated by products made in Maine.
There are some dishes that by nature will not ever be vegan or gluten free, like our house-ground Whale’s Rib burger, but can be adapted when ordering. If you are a vegetarian, you can always ask for a grilled portabella mushroom cap in place of meat if you are craving that burger experience (it’s really tasty with blue cheese and balsamic drizzle), or order the meat without the bun for a gluten free option.   It’s a brave new world out there and we welcome your feedback.