Why You Need to Visit the Source of Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Portland, Maine

It’s not hard to find farm-to-table restaurants in Portland, Maine! This is because there are several wonderful Downeast farms to select from and a strong commitment to buying and serving local. The back-to-the-land movement in the Northeast has also overwhelmed our state with a craving to return to our roots and live off Mother Nature. As a result, our restaurant at Pilgrim’s Inn, as well as several in Portland, provide fresh farm ingredients in each menu item!

We are proud supporters of local Maine farms, just like many farm-to-table restaurants in Portland, Maine! We receive our produce from Fine Line Farm and Yellow Birch Farm, our goat cheese from Red Barn Farm, and our smoked fish supply from Stonington Seafood. Discover more about our restaurant!

Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Portland, Maine

You are sure to find delicious, fresh, and seasonal local ingredients at a variety of farm-to-table restaurants in Portland, Maine! The grandaddy of them all might just be Fore Street in Portland, ME, founded in 1996. Legendary for its dedication to sourcing the most delicious ingredients from local farmers, fishermen, and foragers. A leader in the movement, this premier selection of farm-to-table restaurants in Portland, Maine, has inspired its current contemporaries. PRIMO in Rockland actually sits on a four-acre farm, perhaps most accurately representing the notion of farm-to-table dining. Whereas Nebo Lodge on North Haven Island procures its ingredients from the Turner Farm just three miles away. Some of the best Portland, Maine, restaurants are farm-to-table, and many get their ingredients from farms right here on the Downeast Coast!

Travel to Downeast Maine to Tour the Suppliers

After you stop in Portland for the night and indulge in the local food scene, travel to Downeast Maine where organic farms, seafood, and specialty products abound! Tour the Blue Hill Peninsula suppliers of the ingredients you enjoyed at those farm-to-table restaurants in Portland, Maine. Then, after exploring these quaint local farms and the beautiful Downeast Coast, spend the night at our charming bed and breakfast on Deer Isle! You can enjoy those very ingredients you had in Portland during dinner at our restaurant and then again in the morning with our complimentary gourmet breakfast.

Organic Farms, Seafood, and Specialty Products Abound!

Near Pilgrim’s Inn, you will discover some of the amazing organic farms, seafood suppliers, and specialty product providers that supply ingredients to farm-to-table restaurants in Portland, Maine. The 90-acre Fine Line Farm is one of these, featuring over 200 varieties of greens, rye, vetch, oats, chicken, and more. Yellow Birch Farm provides MOFGA certified organic produce as well as homemade dairy products at a variety of local markets and restaurants. The Red Barn Farm is our favorite supplier of signature goat cheese, goat milk soap, yogurt, and even lobster. And Stonington Seafood has some of the best smoked fish on the coast!

Discover Fresh Farm Ingredients at Our Restaurant and Inn!

When you stay at Pilgrim’s Inn on Deer Isle, you will discover some delectable cuisine at our attached rustic barn restaurant. We pride ourselves on using local ingredients from organic farms and seafood caught in our local waters. You will be sure to love the fresh, seasonal ingredients on our menu. Be sure to make a reservation before you arrive, though, because our popular restaurant tends to book several days in advance! After enjoying dinner and gorgeous views of the mill pond and grounds, settle into your uniquely decorated room for the evening. We are more than happy to accommodate you here on Deer Isle!