9 of the Best Restaurants Near Deer Isle, Maine

download our vacation guide text. photo of restaurant plate and glassesThis charming region of New England draws travelers with breathtaking scenery, beautiful national parks, and charming small towns. Deer Isle Maine’s restaurants add to the allure of this quaint region. Dining options include farm-to-table cuisine, comfort food, unique international dishes! Whether you’re in the mood for New York-style pizza pie or a classic club sandwich, you’ll find just the right thing to quell your appetite. You’re in for quite the treat (literally) when you come to visit! Be sure to call ahead to make sure they are open for the season and to make sure their hours haven’t changed. For more ideas on where to eat and what to do when you stay in Downeast, download our thoughtful vacation guide!

Visit These 9 Restaurants Near Deer Isle, Maine

Deer Isle

1. Madelyn’s Drive-in in Deer Isle

If you’re in the mood for something quick, easy, and delicious, grab a greasy burger or a juicy lobster roll from Madelyn’s Drive-In! The homemade onion rings are a must try. Pick up your meal to go or sit at one of the shaded picnic tables on site.

2. The Cockatoo Portuguese Restaurant in Deer Isle

Maybe you’re craving something you’ve never tried before. Head to the Cockatoo Portuguese Restaurant for authentic Portuguese dishes. Succulent seafood, prime-cut meats, and unique flavors await.

3. There’s a Treat in Deer Isle

There’s a Treat restaurant in Deer Isle is the perfect lunch spot. Order a haddock sandwich with a side of fries or a plate of fried fish!

Stonington Restaurants

4. Aragosta Restaurant in Stonington

The Aragosta Restaurant in Stonington features farm-to-table menu items prepared by a highly acclaimed chef. This hidden gem uses fresh ingredients from some of the best organic farms in the area.

5. Harbor Cafe in Stonington

One of the best places for Maine lobster, Harbor Cafe in Stonington showcases what makes this area such a seafood hub. Delight your taste buds with broiled haddock, pot roast, or fish & chips.

6. Stonecutters Kitchen in Stonington

Another great restaurant in Stonington is Stonecutters Kitchen. They offer an array of seafood sandwiches and dishes. Start with a hearty plate of fried clams and finish your meal off with a plate of local scallops.  


7. El El Frijoles in Sargentville

If you’re craving Mexican food, you have to try El El Frijoles. Choose to fill your tacos or burritos with slow-braised carnitas pork, char-grilled carne asada, or even spicy lobster. For something lighter, try the Cabbage Ensalada de la Paz!


8. Ellsworth Pat’s Pizza

Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a classic Margherita pizza. Ellsworth Pat’s Pizza serves up a delicious selection of highly acclaimed pies. It’s the perfect place to stop if you’re on the way to or from Acadia National Park.

9. Finelli New York Pizzeria

Finelli New York Pizzeria is another great pizza joint in Ellsworth. Chefs prepare the pizza dough and focaccia daily, and the aroma of freshly baked bread fills the restaurant. If you’re a big fan of New York-style pizza, this is where you want to be!

Dine at Pilgrim’s Inn

Dinner table at pilgrim's innIn addition to the many Deer Isle, Maine restaurants to choose from, our very own Pilgrim’s Inn offers special dinner events, a small plate menu, and a phenomenal gourmet breakfast. Be sure to check our website or Facebook for announcements regarding dining specials here at the inn. Our special dinner events often follow a theme such as Greek night or lobster dinner Mondays. Our small plate menu changes with the season and often includes items such as a local cheese & charcuterie plate, flatbread pizzas, and more. These options are exclusive to our guests!


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