Your Ultimate Guide to the Deer Isle Lighthouse Trail

lighthouse trail vacation guide photo of lighthouse beacon light in the eveningCoastal Maine has a culture of its own. Visitors can find lobster boats, pine forests, and a favorite among locals and visitors alike: lighthouses. If you want to see these coastal beauties, go on the Deer Isle Lighthouse Trail. With 65 historical lighthouses spread along the coast, there’s a reason why Maine is commonly referred to as The Lighthouse State! These mysterious structures have kept mariners safe for generations. Now, they have become part of the picturesque landscape. Surrounded by gorgeous pine forests and rocky shores, there are 8 lighthouses within 12 miles of each other. Come see them and get your U.S. Lighthouse Society Passport stamped! For more great suggestions for things to do like trekking this lighthouse trail, download our thoughtful Vacation Guide!

About the Deer Isle Lighthouse Trail

Thanks to the Deer Isle Lighthouse Trail, you can now go around to all eight of the lighthouses located on the shores of Deer Isle year round. Travelers can view three of the lighthouses from land and the other five from the ocean. You can also see all eight of them from the air! Various tours are offered from seasonal private boat tours to up above with Penobscot Island Air. You can always get your U.S. Lighthouse Society Passport stamped at the various places you tour as a great souvenir!

Stops on the Trail

Pumpkin Island Lighthouse

Pumpkin Island Lighthouse first went into service in 1855. This structure guided the vessels carrying lumber and summer recreational boats through Eggemoggin Reach. The passage was essential for local commerce and needed a nighttime guide to light the way! View the lighthouse from the shore of Little Deer Isle at the end of Eggemoggin Road, from the water, or by air. If you’re in town for the Eggemoggin Reach Regatta, it’s a great time to view the lighthouse!

Eagle Island Light

Eagle Island Light can be viewed on land at the end of Dunham Point Road and of course can be seen by air and sea. This property is now owned by Eagle Light Caretakers. While you can’t go inside, the grounds are open to explore!

Mark Island Light

Island Heritage Trust takes care of the Mark Island Light. Built in 1857, it is still active in helping U.S. Coast Guard in navigation. The tower itself is closed, but the grounds are open. It is best viewed by boat, but it is possible to see it on the shores of Stonington. While you’re in Stonington, check out:

Isle au Haut Light

Hop on the Isle au Haut Ferry to see this gorgeous lighthouse! Built in 1907, it is among the newer of the lighthouses on the Deer Isle Lighthouse Trail. From the ferry, you’ll see the gorgeous tower and attached home as well as the other beautiful coastal sights of the island.

Goose Rocks Light

Goose Rocks Light is one of the only lighthouses that the public can tour. All you have to do is make a reservation through Beacon Preservation. It is also unique because it is directly in the ocean rather than on land. See this tower by boat or by air.

Brown’s Head Light

Builders constructed Brown’s Head Light in 185.7 Now, the Town of Vinalhaven owns it. The town manager actually lives in the house attached! See this lighthouse by boat or Isle au Haut Ferry.

Saddleback Ledge Light

The U.S. Coast Guard now owns the Saddleback Ledge Lighthouse. Architects built this impressive tower right into the rocky coast in 1839. See it by boat, on the ferry, or by air!

Heron Neck Light

Heron Neck Light is still active in navigation. Architects built this property in 1854. Currently, the private owners rent it to the Island Institute. The beautiful white tower and large home next to it stand out against the darkness of the pine forest behind it.

Lighthouse Trail Map

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