5 of the Best Things to Experience in Blue Hill, Maine

Blue Hill, Maine, is known as a quaint but elegant seaside town just under a half hour from offshore Deer Isle. The sole, flashing traffic light and small town atmosphere create a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Blue Hill, Maine, began as the escape route for famed New York City and Philadelphia musicians, who appreciated not only the gorgeous scenery but also the company of other creatives who seemed to congregate there. Time slows down in Blue Hill, Maine, and trades that have been around since the mid-1700s are still practiced by descendants- like wooden boat building or lobster fishing. Take a step back into a time of less worries and more appreciation of nature by traveling to Blue Hill, Maine. Here are some of the stops you should make during your visit.

Blue Hill Books

Blue Hill Books is a testament to the small town, locally-driven mindset of Blue Hill, Maine. This small, independent bookstore is cozy and well-organized by category. The knowledgeable owner has been in business for well over 20 years, and despite having just a fraction of the shelving of a big-box bookstore, there is still a lovely variety. Treasures await, and if you don’t find the novel you’re looking for, you might just strike up a wonderful conversation that will lead you in a different direction than anticipated.

Blue Hill Wine Shop

A lovely stop in Blue Hill, Maine, is the Blue Hill Wine Shop, which also carries coffee, tea, and tobacco. This is a sophisticated gem in the middle of a small, coastal village. Excellent values are available, and a knowledgeable staff runs this shop full of temptations. In addition to the walls of wine and beer bottles, there is a selection of cheeses, olive oils, and bread fresh from a local baker at the bar. Stop in to find a bottle of your choice, a midday snack, or a recharging espresso.

Rackliffe Pottery

If you’re looking for a great piece to add to your decor at home or a wonderful, personal gift to bring back to friends or family, browse the creations at Rackliffe Pottery. This Blue Hill, Maine, pottery workshop and showroom features beautifully crafted mugs, bowls, plates, and more made from native clay. The pieces at Rackliffe Pottery are all shaped on a potter’s wheel, colored with lead-free glazes, and fired to over 2,000 degrees. Pottery has been in the family business for four generations, and every piece is signed by the artist shaping it in the on-site workshop, verifying authenticity. Potters may be at work at the wheel during your visit, and you are encouraged to watch the process in action!

Blue Hill Co-op Community Market

Another wonderful attraction in Blue Hill, Maine, is the Blue Hill Co-op Community Market. This well-stocked grocery store has eco-friendly health foods, organic meats, cheeses, and vegetables, and some bakery items as well. There is a room in the back cafe to sit and eat after your purchase, or you can stop in, gather some items for a picnic, and eat with a view of the gorgeous Blue Hill, Maine, landscape. Grab lunch, pick up a local newspaper, and enjoy some eclectic foods and great folks.

Jonathan Fisher House

The Jonathan Fisher House will take you back in time during your visit to Blue Hill, Maine. This house museum was once the residence of Jonathan Fisher, the first minister of the Congregational Church of Blue Hill, Maine. He constructed the house, which still has its original features, in the 1700s, and has an interesting life history that you can explore! One interesting fact is that he was the first American to paint a self-portrait- our nation’s inventor of the selfie, you could say!

Blue Hill, Maine, to Pilgrim’s Inn on Deer Isle

After your lovely daytrip adventure from Deer Isle, come back to Pilgrim’s Inn for a relaxing island getaway. The small-town atmosphere and active arts community are two features that Deer Isle also possesses, so be sure to do some exploring on Deer Isle as well! We look forward to seeing you and helping you find our favorite Maine attractions! For more information on what to do in the area, download our free vacation guide.