Why You Need to Attend the Blue Hill Fair

There’s something magical about attending a true county fair. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia, or perhaps it’s the fact that there are not many left. The Blue Hill Fair has been going on for over 100 years, and not much has changed. Get a taste of what Downeast Maine has to offer through the fantastic entertainment, attractions, exhibits, and classic fair food. This yearly festival was even the inspiration for E.B. White’s famous novel, “Charlotte’s Web.”

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Everything You Need to Know About the Blue Hill Fair

Discover the history and fun of the Blue Mountain Fair this fall. The picturesque festival will make you feel right at home in Downeast Maine.

  • Blue Hill Fair and “Charlotte’s Web”

Many come to the festivities to see E.B. White’s inspiration for his famous novel, “Charlotte’s Web,” in person. White wrote the book after he had left New York City for a more peaceful existence on a farm in Brooklin, Maine. 

After his move, he attended the Blue Hill Fair each year. Attendees of the event will see parts of the children’s novel come to life like the Ferris Wheel and animal exhibits. You might even see a pig or two named Wilbur as an homage to the famous novel!

  • Eat Your Heart Out

What would a fair be without fair food? The Blue Hill Fair offers a variety of cuisine from classic fair vendors to locals with traditional Maine dishes. Share a blooming onion with your sweetheart, then indulge in homemade strawberry shortcakes made from a 100-year-old recipe. 

If you’re really hungry, enter the Wild Blueberry Pie Eating Contest. Vendors will make sure you don’t go home with an empty stomach.

  • Blue Hill Fair Attractions

Rides have been commonplace at the Blue Hill Fair for decades. You’ll find everything from saddled ponies to carnival thrillers. If you’re interested in rides, we recommend going on opening day because they are only $1 each!

The fair is also packed full of shows, concerts, and demonstrations. One of the most anticipated attractions is the Stoney Roberts Demolition Derby where competitors attempt to cause damage to each other’s vehicles for a prize. See the natural power of animals through events like cattle pulls and stunt dog challenges. For a complete timeline of this year’s shows and attractions, check the daily schedule!

  • Blue Hill Fair Contests

    • Livestock

Farmers from all over the area bring their prized livestock to present, hoping to bring home a trophy. Hang around the Livestock Department to see different showings throughout the day. The owners will walk their animals throughout the ring to demonstrate their features. Animals can also be seen lounging in their pens between competitions so you can pick your favorites!

    • Fruits, Vegetables, Jams, And More

This wouldn’t be a true county fair without farmers showing off their wares! Competitors bring their best fruits and vegetables to display to fair-goers. Judges choose a winner for the best of each category by the end of the weekend. There are also other contests for showing off kitchen skills such as the Fudge Contest and Wild Blueberry Muffin Baking Contest.

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