Join in on the Back to the Land Movement in Deer Isle

The Back to the Land Movement has slowly begun to take over Maine. In summary, this movement aims for sustainable living, gardening, and farming. With such large-scale production of food in recent times, the simplicity and care farming used to require has been forgotten. Many spots in Deer Isle, Maine, are bringing back sustainable farming as part of the Back to the Land Movement. During your stay at Pilgrim’s Inn, you can visit restaurants, farms, and the Good Life Center to experience it firsthand!

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Back to the Land Movement Definition

The Back to the Land Movement began in the United States after the stock market crashed in 1929. The press pushed people to use any scrap of land they could find for homegrown gardens, and many migrated into country farms after they lost their jobs in the city. After the Great Depression, it has fluctuated in popularity throughout history. Many books and publishings have influenced this movement attempting to convince readers of support. At other times, taking part in this practice was necessary for survival during times of war and food shortages. For others, they use this movement to become closer to nature and provide themselves with fresh produce and sustainable living.

Back to the Land Movement at the Good Life Center

The Good Life Center was established in honor of Helen and Scott Nearing, the founders of the Back to the Land Movement in Vermont and Maine. These pioneers advocated for a pure and simple way of living. The Nearings paved the way for thousands to pursue a more fulfilling life tied closely to nature. Living the Good Life is the homesteading novel that inspired this change. In honor of the Nearings’ continuing cultural impact, the Good Life Center stands to perpetuate their legacy.

Organic Farms

There are many organic farms that follow the Back to the Land Movement near Deer Isle. The Goodlife Movement, Nearing’s version of the Back to the Land Movement, protects the gorgeous natural setting of the Downeast coast and makes sure of its preservation for generations to come. This movement started in Maine as farm-to-table, sustainable agriculture and evolved into passionate homesteaders returning to their roots. Now, farms across Downeast Maine are focused on organic growing with sustainable practices.

Back to the Land Movement at Pilgrim’s Inn

Our bed and breakfast on Deer Isle is dedicated to the Back to the Land Movement. Sustainability is important to us, and so is our farm-to-table fare we serve at our restaurant, The Whale’s Rib Tavern. Our menu always features fresh ingredients and changes seasonally, and we pride ourselves on using local ingredients from organic farms and seafood caught in our local waters. Support the Back to the Land Movement when you dine at Pilgrim’s Inn! Be sure to make a reservation before you arrive, because our popular restaurant tends to book several days in advance. After enjoying dinner and gorgeous views of the mill pond and grounds, settle into your uniquely decorated room for the evening. Book your stay with us on Deer Isle today!