How to Have the Perfect Day at Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is a natural Maine masterpiece and one of our favorite places near Deer Isle. The rugged coast offers both beautiful views and wildlife diversity, while the park boasts the tallest mountain on the Atlantic coast. Visitors come from all around to hike the granite peaks, to bike miles of historic carriage roads, and to sit back and just enjoy the all-encompassing scenery. 

Spanning from Bar Harbor through Mount Desert Island, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore this gorgeous gem of a region. There are so many fantastic things to do and beautiful places to see near Acadia National Park. Find all of our favorites in our exclusive Vacation Guide.

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Everything You Need to Know About Acadia National Park

Hiking at the Park

  • Hiking in Acadia National ForestLeisurely Hikes

A great day at Acadia National Park wouldn’t be complete without some hiking. There are a series of trails throughout the park that range in difficulty from very easy to strenuous. If you’re taking baby steps into this whole hiking thing, then you might want to start out with some of these straightforward options. 


    • Bar Shore Path: 1 mile

Enjoy harbor and island views on this short path.


    • Wonderland Trail: 1.4 miles

Travel through the evergreen forests until you end up at the rocky New England shoreline. This is the perfect trek for those looking for a lot of scenery paired with a short hike.


    • Bar Island Trail: 1.9 miles

Explore this one at low tide to unlock a nature-filled forested island. Cross the sandbar and embark on an adventure.


    • Ocean Path: 4.4 miles

Follow the ocean as you travel from sandy beaches to towering sea cliffs.


    • Schooner Head Trail: 5.4 miles

Head from town into the enchanting wooded forest.   


    • Champlain North Ridge Trail: 2 miles

Slightly steeper than the others, this trail has pine tree-led slopes and pristine views of Frenchman Bay.


    • Beech Mountain Trail: 1.1 miles

Walk along the flawless Long Pond.


  • Strenuous Hikes

Steep grades and many steady climbs await on the park’s strenuous trails. If you’re a more seasoned trailblazer, Acadia doesn’t disappoint. Explore some of the thrilling cliffhangs and dive into the uncharted forest.


    • Acadia Mountain Trail: 2.5 miles

This trail is moderately trafficked and boasts lake views along with several steps up and throughout the path. 


    • Beehive Trail: 1.6 miles

Expect a steep ascent with this one. Some parts of the trail include iron rungs on exposed cliff ledges for scooting across.


    • Perpendicular Trail: 2.2 miles

The trail is located on Mansell Mountain and features rocky stairs and views of Long Pond.


    • Sargent Mountain Trail: 4.6 miles

Sargent Mountain Trail is located in a large, evergreen ravine and provides challenging sections on its open ledges. 


  • Bring Your Pup

Don’t leave your best friend behind! The park allows dogs on the trails as long as they are on a leash. Be sure to check the website for restricted areas and trails that aren’t recommended for dogs!


Birding at Acadia National Park

Acadia bird watchingBirding is a favorite activity at the park, and there are several areas ideal for breaking out those binoculars and spotting some spectacular feathered friends. 


  • Sieur de Monts Spring Area

Explore the wild gardens and meadow or embark down one of a few trails to choose from for your bird watching whimsies. 


  • Bear Brook and Beaver Dam Pond

These spots are another popular location. They boast a picnic area and pond and wetland across the street. 


  • Precipice Trail

Precipice Trail is a peak place for nesting peregrine falcons from mid-April through early August.  Other raptors have been spotted passing by. However, this trail is the most strenuous and well known in the park and should only be attempted by experienced hikers in good physical condition, who have no fear of heights. 


After Your Adventures in Acadia National Park

Pilgrim's Inn at NightWith all the hiking, climbing, and bird-watching, you’ll need the perfect place to rest your tired muscles. After your Acadia National Park adventures, return to your home away from home at Pilgrim’s Inn. Savor the relaxed pace of our quaint fishing town and breathe in the fresh air of Deer Isle and Downeast, ME.

If you brought your favorite, four-legged friend along as your hiking companion, you’ll be glad to know we offer a variety of pet-friendly cottages. It’s hard to leave your dog behind when you’re on vacation. We can’t wait to host you and your precious pooch!