Come and Celebrate the Acadia National Park Centennial

After 100 years of providing natural beauty and enjoyment to visitors from all around the world, 2016 marks the Acadia National Park Centennial. Together with their partners, Acadia National Park will be hosting celebratory events throughout the year and is inviting its loyal visitors to come celebrate its achievements and beauty as a conservation landmark. Whether you’re interested in the park’s history, wildlife, or the art and stories of this beautiful park, you’ll find some great events to enjoy this year to celebrate the Acadia National Park Centennial.

Acadia National Park Centennial Events

These are just a few of the Acadia National Park Centennial events happening throughout 2016.

  1. One Park – One Road
    This is a community-wide reading program hosted at public libraries throughout the area. During the month of February you can be involved in multiple book discussions of Spoonhandle, Small as an Elephant, and The End of the Night, as well as a screening of Deep Waters. These books range from adult non-fiction to children’s fiction, giving an opportunity for the whole family to get involved in reading and learning about the Acadia National Park.
  2. Acadia Winter Festival
    This is an amazing opportunity to explore the winter world of the park from February 26th through March 6th. Come enjoy authors, photographers, craftsmen, and many workshops and lectures which are all free! The outdoor activities include music, movies, birding walks, ice skating, outdoor cookouts and more. Come cross country ski or snowshoe through the park with resident experts of its natural life.
  3. Birds of Acadia National Park and Mt. Desert Island
    This class will focus on the birds that live in the forests, marshes, mountains and beaches of Acadia National Park. There will be four classes offered on May 2nd, the first of which will take place inside learning the basics about the bird species in the area with a short outside tour. The following three classes will be field trips to observe birds in their natural habitats.
  4. TEDxDirigo
    Celebrating innovation and creativity in Maine, the TEDxDirigo conference will be held in Bar Harbor from May 20th through the 22nd. This year’s theme is Ebb & Flow, and will explore how humans have shaped the history and physical landscape of Mount Desert Island and vice versa. Presenters will include writers, scientists, artists and explorers.
  5. Acadia Birding Festival
    The Acadia National Park Centennial will include the Birding Festival from June 2nd through the 5th, during which you can explore the creatures of the air in the park through everything from social events to canoe trips.
  6. Bar Harbor Music Festival
    Celebrating its 50th year as a platform for up and coming musicians, the Bar Harbor Music Festival is one of the best events of the year. Taking place on July 3rd through the 31st, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy great music surrounded by the beauty of Acadia National Park.




Don’t miss the chance to celebrate the Acadia National Park Centennial and all the awesome events being hosted throughout the park and its surrounding area. While its wildlife is beautiful, its culture is a treat too. Plan ahead and book your stay at Pilgrim’s Inn!