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One Year Inn-Aversary!

We have officially been innkeepers of the Pilgrim’s Inn for one year! Owning an Inn on the coast of Maine has been a lifelong dream of mine & Al’s. We both imagined ourselves on the East Coast, Al with a historic tavern and me with a B & B. When we found the Pilgrim’s Inn, it seemed like a dream come true and the perfect opportunity. Yes, we had our hands full with a brand new baby along with a four year old, but “together we can do anything” we told ourselves and couldn’t pass up this amazing gem.

The first year of owning and operating the Inn was a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, and pure joy. Al and I have been running hospitality businesses for over 15 years now but there was still a learning curve to be had this last year. Owning and operating a 15 room Inn along with a full-service restaurant is no easy feat. We hit the ground running and never stopped. Some days were smoother than others. Once we found our rhythm, though, it was easier to manage. I loved waking up in the mornings and meeting our guests at breakfast. Helping them plan their day or hearing about their adventures from the day before. Watching guests stroll through the beautiful grounds or enjoying a coffee on the deck. I had to remind myself to stop and take in the gorgeous surroundings, as well. That is, after all, what drew us to Maine and the Pilgrim’s Inn.

We met and welcomed so many amazing people through our doors this last summer. It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know so many of our fantastic guests that stayed at the Inn and we eagerly await their return. Some of my favorite memories from our first year as innkeepers include those of you who were able to meet the little innkeepers, our children. Our daughter being read to in the Pilgrim’s Inn on site library, late night star gazing watching for meteors, one special guest tasked with babysitting a pink unicorn next to the pond, watching sunset over the Northwest Harbor, our infant son being serenaded by a famous singer, and so many more. These unexpected experiences are memories that we can share and cherish as an innkeeping family.

The Whale’s Rib Tavern was a unique challenge within itself. With the restaurant being previously closed for years, we were not quite sure what to expect. Al and I expected to open just a small local tavern with some light fare for the Inn guests and maybe some islanders here or there. Boy, were we wrong! We quickly learned what a beloved location the Whale’s Rib Tavern had been for generations in the past. We heard tales of weddings, anniversaries, first dates, and the famous Choir Boys. So many people have such a rich connection with the Tavern, we did our best to honor the historic location and still make it new and our own. We will continue to use what we learned, including the struggles, as we continue our journey as innkeepers of the Pilgrim’s Inn.

Overall, I am proud of what we accomplished and created our first year as Innkeepers. Yes, we had challenges. Especially in this post-pandemic world we are all living through. Food shortages, understaffing, terrified of every cough or sneeze, and the inevitable equipment breakdown. But we powered though. For the guests, for the community, for ourselves. I want to thank our wonderful staff that we did have, those that made it through with us. We could not have done it without them. I look forward to taking what we learned and pushing even harder this year and each year after to create an epic experience for our guests. We want to do the Pilgrim’s Inn justice and respect this historical building to create a one of a kind vacation experience. I love this Inn. This community. This island. Deer Ilse calls and brings people in with an unexplained joy. When you feel it, you know. Those of you that continue to return each passing year brings along a feeling of coming home. We hope to be a part of your Maine traditions as you visit Pilgrim’s Inn over and over again.

A special thanks to all of our guests, neighbors, and friends that graced us with their presence in 2022. Your continued support, warm wishes, and patronage is what makes this all possible. Thank you for making our first year as innkeepers of the Pilgrim’s Inn and Whale’s Rib Tavern unforgettable and a dream come true.


Lindsay & Al Schmurr


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